In het midden van tijd

The Centraal Museum in Utrecht is the oldest museum and has the largest collection of fashion in the Netherlands. It has five different collections which are of different focus. From architecture to fashion. With such a diversity however, it is hard to put everything under one roof. So how can Centraal Museum Utrecht consistently communicate the diversity and richness it actually has?

In collaboration with Alex Araque for JongeHonden    -    May 2018


Project Details


To communicate this clearly, we use different angles on history: fashion, design, etc. We assign each collection a different degree.Centraal - in the middle - is where you start exploring history. In the museum, or the Netherlands. Exploration started, and starts, at Centraal Museum Utrecht.


Centraal Museum is lacking brand engagement. The name does not communicate what the museum offers. Therefore, the audience does not know what to expect from it, leading to uncertainty, which makes people reluctant of actually visiting the museum.


By making the word ‘centraal’ the brand itself.