Craked Skateboarding

As part of an Art Direction course at CEU San Pablo, craked skateboarding was developed to bring the unbiased challenges of skateboarding to life in a brand identity manual.

Concept & Design  -  December 2016

Project Details

The identity of a brand must transmit its values, purpose and vision. Craked Skateboarding was developed in the framework of a university course and is an abstract, imaginary case. The strategic core though of this brand lays with the brand symbolism: the octopus. It is an animal that is highly flexible, shape-shifting and extremely adaptable. This is what Craked Skateboarding stands for: the facet of skateboarding consisting of constant challenge, pushing the limits of one's own skills and body, as well as the multi-faceted skateboarding subculture.


University: CEU San Pablo Madrid
Course: Art Direction (Dirreción de Arte)
Professor: Ángel Bartomé Muñoz de Luna