Liquid Director

The Liquid Director Gin Club is a monthly subscription-based service that delivers a parcel with a selected gin, a selected tonic, different snacks and props to the customer's door. It serves its customers to 'discover, enjoy & share' the experience of consuming a beverage explicitly hand-picked for the community.

Packaging Design  -  March 2017


Project Details


Gin shows one of the broadest varieties in the spirit category. Its origin, flavour profile and style is as diverse as the herbs used to distill this liquor. Even though the variety of ingredients is limitless, juniper is a common ingredient that gives this drink its noticeable flavour. This extreme variety is a key motivation of the Liquid Director's audience to maintain this subscription. The experience that every box delivers can be entirely different from another. This variety of experiences was used as a core thought for the development of this parcel design.

As diverse as gins can be - the molecular structure is the same.



In order to depict this diversity of gins (and experiences) that may be delivered by the Liquid Director, the common ground of gin had to be found, the aspect that binds each and every gin together. Only then could the service represent its value on the parcel box.

The pattern that was chosen - and deeply rooted in the brand's identity - is therefore the structure of depicting chemical compounds. Gin has a hexagonal molecular structure with a string of two molecules bound to it, chemically represented by a trigonal suffix. This exact structure, abstracted, is the pattern used in the design. It represents the diversity and the element of surprise that comes with each Liquid Director box.