Liv - the life aware calendar

Office hours are a thing of the past. Increasingly, industries become more flexible: it does not matter how long and from where you work, as long as you manage to do your job. This high flexibility however comes with a downside. Too often, freelancers for example work inefficiently, because of the lack of basic time management skills. How can we use technology to help solve this problem? How can we become agile and efficient simultaneously? Liv uses machine learning to bring the calendar from yesterday to a new level.

Winner of a Silver SpinAward in the category Young Talent    -    April 2018

Project Details


Liv is the first so-called 'life aware' calendar. Its AI plans ahead and predicts a possible future user state at a given point of time. Whether low energy time slots, peak performance, or simply a bad night sleep. This happens with the help of one core change in the traditional calendar:

from 'next free' time slot to 'best' timeslot

With a innovative and sophisticated model, the data behind it and the users' input, Liv can determine the very best time slot and schedule it for you. If you want to know more about the exact process, simply contact me.



More than 10% of the Dutch population is freelancing. But what does freelancing truly mean? The lack of time management and organisation can quickly lead to inefficiency, given that the freelancer has an amount of work and an empty schedule, which she now has to combine.


Freelancers are not as free as they seems.