There’s no conflict without blame.


You increase global water levels if you swim in the sea.


Eventually, dogs will learn how to speak.

For managers, ‘work’ happens in meetings and the others’ work happens in between.


Art is being interpreted, design is being understood.


We think about raising our arm and just do it. The muscles respond. The heart, being a muscle, won’t stop beating - even if you think about it.


Are we humid, or are we denser?


The perceived friendliness of the police probably correlates with how friendly the headlights of their cars look like.


Phone calls need a subject line.


Driving schools could transport people from A to b and pay students’ license with the money earned.


In 40 years, grandchildren will have thousands of selfies and videos from their grandparents.


Traveling with a travel guide from more than 20 years ago makes the whole city a museum.


Is a horizontal line really horizontal, if the horizon is curved?


Your first actual touch you ever had was probably with the hands of a stranger.


Navigation systems should use voice recognition to know when it is okay to interrupt a conversation.


With the help of a mirror, you can look into the past.